"It always has been a project rooted in my passion for design."

LAVA is about transformations and interpretations of nature - the lava, the rock, the sand, a constant search of new forms, silhouettes and shapes. All of the pieces are entirely unique, handcrafted, labor-intensive unique. No two are alike.


The idea of the HIDDEN COLLECTION is focused on the act of observation, on perception and on the integrity that each and every single handmade leather jewelry can present. The most emblematic for ZORA ROMANSKA – the real old KEY stays well covered under the comfort of the high quality Italian leather, and it is there to symbolize wisdom and the power to lock and unlock new doors and worlds. Much of what exists under it often remains concealed, unnoticed, somehow HIDDEN, but with its own significance and purpose. Uniqueness is beyond the visible and the obvious in this world. You have to dare to look for it.