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"Leather is not just a material; no, it is a canvas. It is a medium with which to paint visions of beauty and wonder"


At the helm of ZR is our founder, artist and artisan  - Zora Romanska, who pours her heart and spirit into every piece she creates. Born in Bulgaria and educated in the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, Zora’s life has always been engulfed and set ablaze by artistry. For ZR, art is not something to be enjoyed and admired from afar, but something to be experienced, felt, and taken part in. Zora is always on the lookout for new forms, new silhouettes, and new shapes that would push the boundaries of what is possible with leather.

Zora Romanska’s leather art strives to be unique, and to connect with each individual in a way that is both profound and personal. Each piece is created for someone that doesn’t shy away from people’s gazes - a person that loves to stand out and inspire.

The personal odyssey of ZR began with a love of leather and evolved into an ongoing journey of creativity and imagination without bounds. A story that reminds us all that with a bit of art and a lot of heart, anything is possible. Will you join us on our journey?

Showcases and Recognition

The work of ZR has been recognized by the film and entertainment industry, including the famous costume designer Gersha Phillips and renowned stylists like Manuela Mezzetti, Freddy Alonso, Amy Kleingeld, Mirko Burin, Tzvetan Goranov, and Stoyan Apostolov. Our fine leather products have also been enjoyed by a number of celebrities, including Cindy Mello, Ana Rujas, Milena Smit, Kaelyn Kastle, Lily Gatins, Lala, Equinox, Errol Douglas, Jojo Flores, Barei, Alex Raeva, Poly Genova, Kerana, Dara, and Emilia. 

We have had the honor of having our products featured in popular TV shows and events, such as Star Trek: Discovery, Eurovision, X factor, Like Two Drops of Water, The Voice of Bulgaria, as well as in the critically acclaimed film The Woman King, which was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2022. Several world-renowned photographers have also chosen to include our collections in their work, including Gaetano Cartone, Erminando Aliaj,  Manuela Masciadri, Claudio Vignola, Alessio Cocchi, Lorenzo Corsiani, Silvia Bratanova, Phelia Barouh, George Todoroff, and Nikola Borissov.

We have had the privilege of working with many fine establishments that have chosen to carry our products. You can find the collections of ZR in various locations throughout the world, including Shop Untitled in New York, Church Boutique in Los Angeles, DAAD in Milano, Sprigsiuex in Paris, Aspetto in Blagoveshchensk, and two locations in Mykonos - Chrispy and Emanouel.


Each ZR collection is a labor of love, a liberation of the soul and an interpretation of the beauty in our world. Zora takes inspiration not only from the breathtaking elegance of the natural world, like the hypnotizing flow of lava, the sudden cooling of magma, or the harshness of the sea, but also from the depths of the human mind and spirit.

Each piece is handcrafted meticulously out of selected Italian and Spanish leather in a small, but charming atelier in Sofia, Bulgaria. Only the finest materials are used, as it befits when creating high-quality leather art. No two products are ever completely alike, since each and every one is lovingly made through many labor-intensive hours of precise work, and imbued with its own spirit and energy.

ZR is a conceptual leather brand with a mission that goes beyond making mere accessories, but rather to create wearable pieces of art that would stir the soul and capture the imagination.


2016, Fuorisalone, DIN DESIGN, Milano, Italy

2016, Errol Douglas Show, Torino, Italy

2017, TRANOÏ PARIS, international Fashion Shows France Men's, Women's Pre-Collections, Palais De La Borse Paris

2017, Premiere Classe, SS2018, Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

2018, PFW OZONE SHOWROOM, FW2018/2019, Paris

2018, PFW OZONE SHOWROOM, Femme FW2018, Paris

2018, PFW OZONE SHOWROOM, Femme SS2019, Paris

2019, PFW OZONE SHOWROOM, FW 2019/20, Paris



2003, People and Nature, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2005, Vitii corpus, Venice, Italy;

2005, Venice-Sozopol, Venice, Italy;

2005, ZORART10, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2005, Summer Exhibition Versilia, Pietrasanta (Lu), Italy;

2006, Contrasts, lu5a - Not Only Contemporary Art Gallery, Venice, Italy;

2006, Venice Project - New York, Venice, lu5a - Not Only Contemporary Art Gallery, Venice, Italy;

2007, Silver Graphic Pollicione XV Pellitteri's Day, Arese (Milan), Italy;

2007, Contrasts, San Gervasio (BS), Italy;

2011, FOOD_ART, Fun House, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2012, ' Opposite Together ', Industrialna Gallery, UniCredit Studio Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;


2005, "Vigasio", Brescia, Italy, first prize;

2006, Competition organized by secret lu5a - Not Only Contemporary Art Gallery Venice, Italy, first prize;

2006, "Life is like a tree" by Segesta, Residence San Giorgio, Milan, Italy, first prize;

2007, "PalauArte" biennial of European painting, Palau, Sardinia, Italy, second prize;

2007, Silver Graphic Pollicione XV Pellitteri's Day, Arese (Milano), Italy, first prize;

2016, Win the statue for Woman of the year in category Designer. More about the event, you read here: Woman of the year 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria