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Ring "KEY" 2

Handmade out of fine italian leather, this ring can immediately draw the attention you’re looking for! The design and the unusual material of this beautiful accessory are spotted right away. 

Size: S

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Size chart


The ring is the symbol of the circle of life, of the unity of time, of past, present, and future. It has been prized in many cultures as an accessory of power and status since time immemorial. Great priests wore rings to strengthen their powers in casting spells for better times. In the middle ages rings were signs of ancestry, each family having its own coat of arms engraved into a family ring.
Love is sealed in this ring. Enchanted with the purest driving power of life, love, this ring is a shield, a patron and an inspiration for a heart that dares to shine.


S(4-5CM ~ 1.57-1.97IN),
M(5-6CM ~ 1.97-2.36IN),
L(6-7CM ~ 2.36-2.76IN)
RING 7,5 Ø

Care and maintenance

We love leather because it exudes elegance and luxury, yet proper maintenance is essential for its longevity. To preserve this exquisite material, cleaning, and storage are crucial. It is vital to avoid moisture and promptly address any stains or spills. Otherwise, dust particles, oily residue, and blemishes can mar the leather's surface, reducing its luster and lifespan.

When cleaning leather accessories and jewelry, it's best to use a soft, moistened cloth made of microfiber or cotton. For nourishing, spot cleaning, and polishing, it's essential to utilize products that are specially designed for leather. The cleaning formulas, often containing natural oils such as beeswax, offer a comprehensive approach to cleaning and preserving the accessories while maintaining their shine.